How does a Discount Full Service Listing Work? 

    A discount full service no flat fee listing is a hybrid way to sell your home that combines the customer service and expertise one would expect from listing with a traditional experienced real estate company with that of a flat fee listing company that offer rock bottom or extremely low real estate commission fees. Here’s what full service means when listing with Lula Realty, LLC. First we review all offers and handle the negotiations. Real Estate Agents like to deal and negotiate with other agents. Some flat fee listings require you the seller to negotiate the offers on your home by yourself. Flat fee listings that require this sometimes get a bad reputation. Sellers that negotiate sometimes do not fully understand the contracts or offers, the need for due diligence and financing contingencies, the importance of Earnest Money and how its collected and disbursed if a contract is terminated and how to negotiate requested repairs. Sellers who negotiate on their own can sometimes take negotiations too personal and things can become heated, jeopardizing the home closing. A full service listing greatly reduces the potential for this happening and we the experienced agent can help guide you through the contract, identify potential issues and pitfalls and help assure the home has the best chances of closing. Using GAR contracts also helps reduce closing issues. GAR contracts are only available to Realtors who are members of the Georgia Association of Realtors. These contracts are frequently updated to assure mainly the buyer and seller are protected with a clear contract that is precise and easy to understand. Lula Realty, LLC is a member and has access to these GAR contracts. 

Next some flat fee listings require that you handle all telephone inquiries and showings and provide your own contractor lockbox or pay an additional fee for a Secured Lockbox. Our Listing handles the setup of all showings, we answer all telephone and email questions and inquiries and provide you with a Supra Lockbox. A Supra Lockbox is a secured lockbox that only licensed agents can access and an additional CBS code has to be given to appraisers and inspectors. Anyone who accesses the lockbox has their visit recorded and we are giving notice through email and notifications of their visit. Their contact information is available now for feedback on how the property showed. With this information adjustments can be made to the price, repairs and maintenance issues the seller was unaware can be fixed and other improvements to help sell the home. 

Next your home will be visible to agents on GAMLS & FMLS. Not all Brokers are members of both MLS services that service the Atlanta area to save on membership fees and business overhead costs. An agent who only has access to one MLS or mainly searches on only one MLS may overlook or not see your home when pulling listings to show their buyers. Lula Realty, LLC subscribes to both GAMLS & FMLS so this is not a problem and makes sure your home is seen available by all active buyers agents searching for their buyers. Also these listing services are syndicated with other popular real estate websites used by consumers. Your home will appear on Zillow, Trulia,, and countless others. Currently we have a 5 Star Rating with Zillow.

Some flat fee listings or discount listings require you to take photos of your own home or pay an additional fee. Photographing your home is included at no extra cost and we would be more than happy to send you current and past listings that showcase how well we photograph our listings. Lastly with Lula Realty, LLC you only get all the advantages that a flat fee listing offers and that’s low real estate commission fee. Traditional companies can charge a typical 6-7% commission fee. We only collect 4% at Closing. 3% goes to the buyer’s agent meaning we’re only collecting a small 1% commission based on the purchase price. This can save you thousands of dollars on commission fees. We hope this post helps give you more insight into how it all works. Please contact us with any other additional questions. We currently list in all of Metro Atlanta and have numerous listings throughout Cobb, Dekalb, Gwinnett & Fulton County. We hope to hear from you!      


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